Laura Hounam

I started making jewellery about 10 years ago but I have been interested in crafts since I can remember. As a child I learnt knitting, crocheting and embroidery from my grandmother, then I went through the patchwork stage, painting on glass, card making, decoupage, but at the back of my mind there was this thought that I wanted to try to make jewellery. The occasion came when I was a volunteer in the local Red Cross Shop. There were beads that could be used to make earrings or hatpins, necklaces to repair, and so I started. Soon all the other crafts were left behind as I concentrated on jewellery making. I use  various techniques from wire work to beadweaving  and often go back to my roots making crocheted jewellery.  I have attended silverwork classes and specialist workshops and I am now a member of Jasso, an association of silversmiths based in Abingdon. What I make and the techniques I use are dictated by the materials  I have. Often they  are re-claimed or  donated as all the money from the sales of the jewellery (or any other crafted items I make) goes to Against Breast Cancer.

My work has been featured in the Meller Art Gallery, Witney and in many editions of the UK’s first beading magazine, “Bead”, which also ran my profile in 2007. In August 2008 I was featured as  Designer of the Month on the Beadaholics website.

More recently I had exhibitions at The Tourist Information Offices in Faringdon and Banbury. I attend many craft fairs, often with my friends of Spare Room Arts  ( we joined forces in 2008 so we could promote each others’ work) .Together we also  run a monthly jewellery repair event in Witney:  the Bead Hospital, to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer.